Cultural artifacts are invaluable snapshots of daily life. HAP currently maintains a repository of artifacts including artwork, photographs, musical compositions, and physical memorabilia from the Greek American community. Cultural artifacts comprise the tangible heritage of a group. HAP organizes bilingual cultural exhibitions of historical and contemporary significance around objects on view. HAP offers lectures, symposia, films, digital displays, and online catalogues, compiled with a modern eye. The HAP Gallery exhibits artwork of established and emerging artists who explore the themes of ethnicity, immigration, community, and Hellenism. HAP functions as a multipurpose cultural center, showcasing the development and diversity of Greek American artists, supporting art exhibitions, and freedom artistic expression.

Memories of Liberation Art Exhibition

Solace Of Antiquity Brochure Queens College


Ode to the Greek Light and Landscape

Check Out the works by Dimitris Diamantopoulos

Life-Giving Art

Check Out Our Beautiful Exhibition

Artist Helen Daferera's work

HAPSOC Virtual Exhibit 2-11-2021

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