[Zoi Leoudaki]: The so-called automatic spending cuts amounting to 85 billion dollars have been implemented in the United States. Their effects have not yet been particularly noticeable, but Americans are worried. Many public employees have already been informed that their work and salary will be reduced by two days a month. Gary Perous is one of the 40,000 employees at the Federal Aviation Administration who will work reduced hours. [Gary Perous]: This means that I will likely delay my mortgage payment, cut down on supermarket expenses, and considering the rising gas prices, things are very difficult. [Zoi Leoudaki]: Similar challenges are faced by those working in border security, food inspectors, and teachers. In fact, 10,000 teaching positions are being cut. Already at the airports in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles, there are significant lines and delays. The cuts in airport security amount to 323 million dollars. Economist Scott Collender believes this is a bad time for cuts. [Scott Collender]: Without businesses spending money, without consumers spending, without commercial traffic, the reduction in government services will seriously harm the economy. [Zoi Leoudaki]: Economists estimate that the cuts amount to 0.5% of the US’s Gross Domestic Product. This will lead to a revision of the estimates for the growth rate of the American economy. International Monetary Fund spokesperson, William Murray, tells us. [William Murray]: It all depends on how aggressively the cuts are implemented. International growth will also be affected. [Zoi Leoudaki]: Analysts say that the cuts will cause delays in transportation and reduce the US demand for imported goods. Economist Charles Konigsberg points out that the crisis could have been avoided. [Charles Konigsberg]: It’s a situation from which everyone loses. [Zoi Leoudaki]: However, the Republicans disagree. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee commends the cuts. [Marsha Blackburn]: It’s encouraging to see so many lawmakers and the American people realize that the government is too big, spends too much, it’s too slow-moving, and controls too much of our lives. [Zoi Leoudaki]: However, there are many who rely on the government apparatus and its benefits. Low-income families who rely on various social programs that are affected will find themselves in a difficult position. For example, the Head Start program, which provides care, nutrition, and subsidizes childcare centers, was cut by 406 million dollars, meaning that 70,000 children will lose these necessary services. Nevertheless, despite the implementation of the automatic cuts, President Obama remains conciliatory. [President Obama]: If Congress comes together and starts thinking logically in a week, in a month, in three months, there are margins to accelerate the growth of our economy. [Zoi Leoudaki]: The effects of the automatic cuts will gradually become apparent and will be different for every American. They will depend on where one lives, where one works, whether one works, and which economic class one belongs to. Zoi Leoudaki, Voice of America, Washington.