[Zoe Leoudaki]: Forty years have passed since the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. The Greek Cypriot negotiator, Ambassador Andreas Mavroyiannis, spoke at the Center for Strategic Studies in Washington about the prospects for resolving the Cyprus issue. [Andreas Mavroyiannis]: The situation now is completely different from what it was a few years ago. All the involved parties have greater determination and commitment. This is true for us, for the leadership of the Turkish Cypriots, for Turkey, and for the EU, the UN, the USA, and other members of the international community. [Zoe Leoudaki]: The discovery of hydrocarbons has changed the game. The prospect of creating a liquefied natural gas plant is being examined. The creation of a route is also being explored, which would connect Israel, Cyprus, possibly Lebanon and Greece with the European Union. This way, Europe will be energy-secured while the strategic importance of Cyprus is enhanced. [Andreas Mavroyiannis]: The new geopolitical reality has contributed to the enhanced interest of the Americans in our region. And their interest is not to steal the hydrocarbons, but they are interested in maintaining stability and predictability in the region and in ensuring the broader American and Western interests. [Zoe Leoudaki]: The economic dimension of the energy future supports the political process. [Andreas Mavroyiannis]: Turkey has large energy needs and would like to cover them through Israel and Cyprus, and this is their main motivation for resolving the Cyprus issue. [Zoe Leoudaki]: And the energy prospects for the wider region heighten the interest of the USA in Cyprus. [Andreas Mavroyiannis]: Cyprus in this new situation, perhaps for the first time in its history, is not asking, but everyone else needs Cyprus and this does not happen often. This also means that the resolution of the Cyprus issue will be done in a way that allows Cyprus to play its role. And I believe that the USA now understands the importance of Cyprus better. [Zoe Leoudaki]: Concluding, Mr. Mavroyiannis emphasized that although negotiations are still at the beginning, they are on the right path. Zoe Leoudaki, Voice of America, Washington.