[Anna Karagiannopoulou]: The discussion about the next presidential elections in two years has already begun here in the USA, and in the Democratic camp, there is one candidacy that already stands out: the candidacy of the former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Polls show a huge lead for Mrs. Clinton in the preferences of Democratic voters, while she has stated that by the end of the year she will decide whether to seek the Presidency. However, the mere possibility of her candidacy has already significantly affected the pre-election race for 2016. But she remains reticent regarding her political future. In her frequent speeches, she focuses mainly on issues concerning women. [Hillary Clinton]: I believe in advancing the rights, opportunities, and full participation of women and girls, both in the US and around the world. This is something we have not yet finished in the 21st century. [Anna Karagiannopoulou]: If she finally decides to run, she will be an extremely strong opponent, says George Washington University analyst John Sides. [John Sides]: She is in a better position than any other candidate. The race is hers if she wants it. [Anna Karagiannopoulou]: The question, of course, is whether Mrs. Clinton wants to enter the process of a presidential candidacy again after her disappointing defeat in 2008 by Barack Obama. [John Sides]: All voters know her. She doesn’t need to worry about her profile. The question is whether she has the required stamina and desire to enter the game again. [Anna Karagiannopoulou]: Of course, as a popular candidate, she will also become a political target, says Brookings Institute analyst Steven Hess. [Steven Hess]: When you are ahead, everyone shoots at you, not only the other candidates but also the media. On one hand, she is exposed, but on the other hand, she can collect a lot of money, which is important for her campaign. [Anna Karagiannopoulou]: If Mrs. Clinton ultimately runs, she will have to face many questions about the terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, in which the American ambassador and three diplomats lost their lives. But this controversial issue has not particularly harmed Mrs. Clinton’s popularity, says analyst Carlyn Bauman. [Carlyn Bauman]: I have studied all the polls that have been conducted over time for Hillary Clinton. Thousands of questions have been asked. What appears is an exceptionally positive image when one looks at it overall from 1992. [Anna Karagiannopoulou]: Mrs. Clinton’s new book titled “Hard Choices,” which will talk about her term at the Department of State, will be released next month. Anna Karagiannopoulou, VOA, Washington.