[Kasoulides]: First and foremost, I want to mention, to underline the great mobility which indeed is both fortunate and in the interest that exists for the efforts towards solving the Cyprus issue, which falls within the framework of the broader stability in our region and in Europe as a whole. I have noticed from this meeting, first and foremost, an interest from Mr. Kerry’s side, which consists firstly of knowledge of the subject. You don’t expect a US Secretary of State, with so many problems and international obligations, to have this knowledge. And secondly, determination, as you heard him, to visit Cyprus and give substance to his visit. We welcome the visit of the Vice President of the USA, Mr. Biden, to Cyprus. This visit will be of a different character. It will be symbolic for the interest at the highest level and encouragement of the parties towards solving the Cyprus issue. This does not end with one side, as was also the content of our discussions today, the Republic of Cyprus as a state to be valuable to the USA, while at the same time both communities to receive the encouragement they need for solving the problem. Within these frameworks, and we have spoken with Mr. Kerry, the big picture of confidence-building measures remains vivid and interesting. Decisions can be made this coming week and the next for the first small steps, but these will be the first small steps.