Artist: Eozen Agopian

Eozen Agopian is an artist of Armenian descent, born and raised in Greece, and educated in the US. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Hunter College, NY and her Masters of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York. Agopian has been splitting her time and artistic practice between New York and Athens for many years. Agopian’s work, mirrors her life — various scraps and threads, each with their own characteristics and history, become intricately woven and stitched together into a single multi-layered composition.
Agopian is known for her exploration of space through the creation of distinct textile collages. She painstakingly layers, sews, and intertwines different fabrics and threads on canvas, and as of late, onto larger surfaces that comprise hanging installations. The result is a curious sense of three-dimensionality, a nearly cubist rendition of an abstract architectural yet utterly conceptual space. This is an effect only strengthened when considered alongside the artist’s notes on her choice of material.