[Zoe Leoudaki]: The Greek Diet made its presence felt on Capitol Hill. Democrats and Republicans collaborated with the Greek Embassy in Washington to present the benefits and wonderful flavors of the Greek Diet to hundreds of journalists, bloggers, nutritionists, academics, diplomats, and fine food aficionados. Democratic Representative Joseph Crowley from New York enthusiastically announced the start of the evening. [Joseph Crowley]: We need to speak positively about the future of Greece and the future of America, and there is no better way to do this than to enjoy good food. [Zoe Leoudaki]: Republican Gus Bilirakis from Florida knows the Greek flavors firsthand. [Gus Bilirakis]: We live to enjoy food, and if we follow the Mediterranean diet, we will live into our deep old age. [Zoe Leoudaki]: Carolyn Maloney from New York is the co-chair with Bilirakis in the Congressional Caucus on Hellenic Issues. [Carolyn Maloney]: The Greek Mediterranean diet can prevent 30% of heart attacks in America, and it’s also delicious. [Zoe Leoudaki]: The event featured 7 chefs from Greece and America. The famous chef Cat Cora is also an adviser to the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, on children’s healthy eating issues. [Cat Cora]: The Greek diet has something for everyone, whether one is a vegetarian or a meat-eater, whether one has health issues, or loves meat and fish, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. It constitutes a good diet for everyone. [Zoe Leoudaki]: Maria Loi represents the Chefs’ Club of Greece and seeks to promote Greek products in America. [Maria Loi]: We also help small producers who will be able to come, and I personally mean to open the doors for them to major companies which they could not enter at all and to open up the market, but also if necessary, how they should standardize, what is needed, the laws, everything. [Zoe Leoudaki]: Greek food is now synonymous in the United States with quality and healthy eating. The event at Congress attracted not only the Greek-American community but also individuals who influence and shape public opinion in the United States. [Cat Cora]: We must all join our forces to take advantage of this positive trend and promote the Greek diet and culture. [Zoe Leoudaki]: So, it seems that the American market is ready to embrace more Greek products. Zoe Leoudaki, Voice of America, Washington.